COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, Updated August 18, 2022

We are no longer using a chart related to specific levels of infection, but rather adopting these ongoing guidelines for health and safety. We advise that people make wise choices for themselves and take responsibility for their own health and that of those around them. The guidelines are as follows:
Please do not attend in person activities if you are symptomatic or have been recently exposed to Covid.

To attend Sunday services in person, we require that you wear a mask, with both your mouth and nose covered. We will provide a mask if you did not bring one.

Singing and Presenting:
Congregants and the choir are asked to keep their mask securely in place while singing.
Soloists and those speaking from the chancel area may remove their masks while singing or speaking.

Food and beverages
Indoors: Foods and beverages will not be served during indoor church events. For those bringing their own water or other beverage, please replace your mask immediately after taking a drink.
Outdoors: Food and drink may be served and consumed at outdoor events; we strongly recommend that social distance be observed while eating.
Indoor Gatherings other than Sunday worship
For church business or social gatherings indoors, masks and social distance are highly recommended and serving food and beverages is highly discouraged.

Please observe these occupancy guidelines/limits in church spaces:
• Sanctuary -251 (the number of seats)
• Fellowship Hall -160 (just chairs, or chairs at tables)
• Horsch Room -20 (existing furniture)
• Commons – 40 (with chairs in rows)
• Hillside LL -48 (with chairs in rows)
• Hillside 201 -18
• Hillside 202 – 8
• Hillside 203 – 10