Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill

Right Relations Covenant


Approved by the UUCCH Congregation on March 22, 2009

Covenant of Right Relations

We covenant to build a diverse religious community guided by love, a place where we feel safe as we share and grow.

Believing that living together in peace is a spiritual practice, we aim to listen with empathy and speak with consideration for the feelings of others.

We endeavor to respect our differences and assume the actions of others are motivated by good intentions.

When we hurt one another, we will try to forgive, make amends, and reconnect in a spirit of love.  In celebration of the high ideals that unite us, we will do our best to abide by this covenant.


Guidelines of Right Relations

I, as a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill community, in an effort to nurture communication and model our principles, acknowledge a need for Right Relations.  To that end, I observe these guidelines:

  1. I will use “I” statements when sharing my experiences, feelings and opinions.
  2. I will seek to understand, listening with an open heart and an open mind.
  3. I will withhold unsolicited personal judgments and examine my assumptions and biases.
  4. I will speak my truth in constructive and civil ways, considering how my communication style affects others.
  5. I will, if I have a concern with someone, speak with that person directly and not about them and, if necessary, use the mechanisms provided by the church to resolve conflicts.
  6. I will acknowledge indications of pain, concern, or discomfort in our community.
  7. I will be sensitive towards persons and groups that feel marginalized and oppressed, understanding that conflicts will arise and that neat solutions cannot always be found.
  8. I will recognize that the work we do together is sometimes difficult, and that it is important that we “stay at the table” together. This may require patience and courage.
  9. I will treat my colleagues with love, compassion, dignity, and respect, and I will practice Right Relations with all members of the UUCCH community.
  10. I will acknowledge that this is a living document, intended to be improved as the church community sees fit.

Bringing joy, hope, and justice to all I do as a member of this church community, I seek to embody and enact these Guidelines of Right Relations with the love, reverence, and humility one should expect from our religious community.


Conflict Resolution: Guidelines and Suggestions for Success

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