Contract Minister Search Team – July 2023 Update

On Sunday May 21, the members of the UU Church in Cherry Hill commissioned the Contract Minister Search Team, a group of dedicated leaders who will devote their time, skill and commitment to represent the congregation and engage with ministers in thoughtful, mutual exploration that will create a strong foundation for the future of this congregation.

The members of the Search Team are Kate Sloan (Team Lead), Paul Asman, Sharon Hardy, Gina Hertzig, Anne Norton, Val Sadwin, and Jenn Snively.

Promises were exchanged in the commissioning ceremony, as the Search Team members promised to:

  • Be grateful for each other and the trust bestowed upon us by the Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill
  • Bring our best selves to the process; Understand the congregation’s vision to continue the developmental work in our next ministry
  • Adhere to the best practices as outlined by the UUA Transitions Office
  • and to Keep the congregation informed of the search process.


We will share as much information as we can while respecting the people involved, and the process. In turn, the members of the congregation committed to respect the Search Team’s boundaries in the process, and to fully participate and cooperate to help them define the ministry that will support our way forward. The team is getting started this month, meeting with UUA Transitions Program Manager early in July, and gathering for a full-day start-up retreat later in the month.

We will keep you informed of our progress, and of the ways you can be involved in helping us create a an accurate and inspirit profile of the congregation that will communicate clearly with prospective ministers as we chart the course into the future.

Kate Sloan, Contract Minister Search Team Lead