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Monthly Arboretum Work Group (AWG)  

AWG operates as a subgroup of Property and Grounds. Members of the Group care for the named gardens on the property, and tend to the Labyrinth and surrounding grounds.

3rd Tues, 10am  Arts and Aesthetics Committee (A&A) Sylvia Barclay (Chair), 

This group creates opportunities for members to showcase their arts and crafts, with monthly or seasonal gallery displays. A&A also helps to make choices to better enhance our congregational space through both aesthetic and practical decor & design.

3rd Tues, 7:15pm Board Jennie Stone (President), 

The Board President may be reached at

Tasked with overall fiduciary responsibility and the governance of UUCCH, as well as developing the vision for the future. Meetings are open to all members, on Zoom. 

No Regular Mtgs Building Use Committee Marion Reigle, 
3rd Wed,


Caring Committee Lisa Winkler and Paula Horton, Co-Chairs

Caring Committee provides pastoral care and practical help for the church community. We recognize members and friends who are to be congratulated or who are in need of comfort. 

No Regular Mtgs Committee on Music Ministry (COMM), 

Supports the Director of Music Ministry and UUCCH music groups. Current focus on LAMP project (Legal acquisition of musical programming), updating our library to have properly obtained sheet music.

4th Wed, 7pm Congregational Relationships Team (CRT) Libby Pontillo (Chair), Pam Anderson, Cheryl Dunican-Hein, Marilyn Masur, Lynn Richter, 

The CRT focuses on the work of educating and supporting the congregation in building stronger, more resilient relationships.    

1st Thurs,


Committee on Racial and Economic Equity (CREE) Susan Druckenbrod, Bill Warner,   CREE leads activities to support the work of dismantling racism and promote equity in ourselves and institutions.
Monthly on a Thurs, week varies, 3:00pm Community Outreach Work (COW),

COW provides UUCCH members hands-on opportunities to live UUism in the surrounding community. These include collections, volunteering, and more. 

Monthly Endowment Connie Roggio, 

This group oversees the prudent management and spending of the endowment fund.  They ensure money is spent according to congregational votes.

3rd Sat, 10am Everyday Spiritual Practice (ESP) Robert Schindler, 

From the book of the same name, the ESP group shares readings and practices to study from many diverse traditions.

Various times/days Fellowship Groups Larry Solow, Libby Pontillo, and John Nielsen;

Fellowship Groups focus on small group ministry and deep connections of group members, promoting the value of deep listening. Groups are aligned with the monthly ministry theme.

Monthly  Finance Committee Nicole Gillespie, 

The finance committee’s focus is maintaining financial systems and accuracy of financial reporting, ensuring that assets are protected, and ensuring that spending is properly approved and maintaining confidentiality of donor records.

As Needed Flower Committee Heidi Bernard,

The role of the flower Committee is to provide displays to enhance the worship service space and often provide support for the week’s message.

1st Tues, 7pm Humanist UUs Helen Ewan, 

Humanist UUs support the Fourth Principle, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. The group provides a space for UUs and friends who are atheist, agnostic, humanist, or non-theist to gather and explore their beliefs together.

1st Thurs,


Labyrinth Committee Jen Snively, 

Labyrinth committee is dedicated, creative, and passionate about sharing the secrets of the labyrinth as a spiritual and meditative tool, and creating a safe space in which to practice.

4th Thurs, 7pm Leadership Development and Nominating Committee (LDNC) Sharon Hardy, chair, 

The LDNC identifies, supports, trains, and guides members to participate in church volunteerism and leadership to the mutual benefit of the individual and congregation. They also identify and nominate leaders for the elected positions in the church.

2nd Thurs, 6:30pm Lifespan Faith Engagement Team (LFE Team), Paula Gribble, DLFE,

LFE Team’s guides and supports the congregation by creating safe and enriching space for the exploration of spiritual, ethical, and religious growth. We do this through classes and workshops as well as whole church fellowship and celebrations.


10-11:30 am

Philosophy Discussion Group Lud Pisapia, 

Philosophy Group is an adult discussion group that uses selected non-fiction readings (books and/or online articles), as well a video podcasts, to further mutual knowledge and understanding of philosophical ideas and concepts, both ancient and modern.

Two Saturdays /month,


Policy Work Group (PWG)  Pam Anderson, Christine Denario, Bill Hallowell, Libby Pontillo, Connie Roggio

The Policy Work Group was formed in August 2021 to assist the Board in creating more effective and resilient structures and systems for church governance. 

1st Tues, 7pm Property and Grounds Committee Dan Nichols,  

The Property and Grounds Committee has its focus on the management of the physical property held and maintained by UUCCH.

1st Thurs, 7:30pm Sanctuary Libby Pontillo, 

Sanctuary is a nurturing and supportive space to explore and share beliefs in God, “spirit,” or the divine – however participants choose to define it – as Unitarian Universalists. Sanctuary maintains a commitment to providing a sacred space for reflection and dialogue.

As Needed Social Justice Steering Committee Rohn Hein, 

The Social Justice Steering Committee provides opportunities for members and friends to participate in social responsibility. Sub-groups include Environmental Justice, Gun Violence Prevention, Immigration Support, Reimagining Public Safety, Reparations, and UU the Vote.

No Regular Mtgs TechCrUU, Larry Solow, 

TechCrUU manages and runs all the technical equipment (audio and video) on Sunday mornings, and sometimes assists other events where tech is needed. 

4th Wed, 5:30pm Welcoming and Membership Team (W&M), 

W&M Team’s purpose is to create a sense of welcome to visitors, celebrate new members, and honor long-term membership. Work on Sundays include Welcome Table, Ushers, and Greeters. 

1st Sun,


Womyn & Religion (W&R), 

W&R aims to provide a safe place for women to explore feminist issues and feminist theology together. Our celebrations are related to earth-centered religions, religions which were observed prior to the establishment of monotheism and the patriarchy.

3rd Thurs, 6pm Worship Committee,

The Worship Committee strives to support the minister and the church in creation of Sunday services. They include a group of Worship Associates who do support pieces each Sunday.