For the 2020-2021 church year CoMM meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday.


As taken from our Charter developed in 2019:


To encourage and/or support endeavors that use music-related experiences that are relative, healing, and/or uplifting, and to enrich our spiritual community.


To support and nurture UUCCH’s dynamic and transformative music ministry.


To collaborate in the financial and programmatic support of the music ministry and nurture its growth through contributions of time/talent, collaboration with the DMM and other church committees, and outreach beyond the church’s walls.

Special Interests:

  1. Provide opportunities for UUCCH members, friends, and visitors to explore and develop their interests and talents in music at UUCCH.
  2. Provide opportunities for UUCCH members and friends to attend and participate in local and regional musical programs and in local and regional musical programs and events.
  3. Maintain relationships with UUCCH members and friends who are vocal and instrumental musicians, as well as relationships with the music ministries of other local congregations.


For more information, contact the Director of Music Ministry, Natasha Steinmacher at OR Music Committee chair, William Charlier.