Coming Soon – Registration for General Assembly (GA) 2021!

Speaking of vaccinations, consider being a UUCCH delegate to the once again virtual UUA General Assembly June 23-27… for another kind of shot in the arm, an injection of excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm for our denomination. It’s a great way to ‘go to’ GA, especially if you’ve never been but always wanted to. The registration fee is significantly reduced, at $200. And you avoid travel and hotel expenses. Last year, 4,900 “attended” virtually from across the country. Talk about exuberance!

Go to to register early now and find info as needed about financial support as well as a payment plan. To learn more about being a delegate of UUCCH (the requirements, responsiblities, application, and financial assistance), view the General Assembly Delegate Policy and Application. Contact Rev. Margret (, Board President Connie Roggio ( or LDNC member and frequent GA attendee Lisa W. as needed.