To register your child for Children’s Faith Engagement, click HERE.

UUCCH is in the process of moving away from the traditional “Sunday School Model” for children and youth to the family ministry model. Family ministry is getting beyond the classroom, and allowing children to experience faith development and religious education in a variety of ways. As one of our leading UU religious educators Joy Berry says, family ministry is about “moving from transactional to transformative faith development….and understanding that the congregation is the curriculum, and faith development happens ideally all over the church, not just for kids, and not just in classes.”

As such, each month our children and youth will have 1 Spiritual Practice Sunday, 1 Social Justice Sunday, 1 Multigenerational Worship, and 1-2 Classroom Sundays.

Spiritual Practice Sundays are multi-age, and explore a different spiritual practice each time. Some that we have explored include: Labyrinth, Guided Meditation, Prayer, Drumming, Play and Laughter, and Connecting with the Earth.

Social Justice Sundays are multi-age, and offer a chance to participate in an active social justice effort for the church, community, or world at-large. So far, we have made animal enrichment toys for animal shelters, gardened for the church, and written letters to congresspersons. 

Multi-generational worship means that children and youth stay in the worship service the whole time with adults. Multi-gen worship strives to include dynamic pieces of the worship service that appeal and engage all ages.

Classroom Sundays are age-separated. We currently offer theme-based ministry in our classrooms. Each class will have age-appropriate lessons and activities centering around a monthly theme. Themes are: September – New Beginnings; October – Mystery; November – Abundance; December – Luminescence; January – Metamorphosis; February – Heritage; March – Marching On!; April – Cleansing; May – Blossoming; June – Restoration

Our classes are split into age groups and in locations listed below (though sometimes we combine classes of like ages, or for all ages activities).

  • Chalice Children (Ages 3-5), Rm C-101
  • Spirit Play (Grades 1-3), Room C-102
  • Spirit Quest (Grades 4-5), Hillside Room 201
  • Jr. Youth (Grades 6-7), Hillside 203
  • Sr. Youth (Grades 8-12), Hillside Room 202

As always, the nursery is open for babies, and children under 5.  The nursery is located in room C-201.

Senior Youth will meet once a month. Fall dates are September 22, October 13, November 10, December 1. We are hoping to add a Sunday evening Youth Group in the coming months.

We ask that ALL children and youth be registered for our classes to insure safety and meet the needs of families. To register your child for children’s faith engagement, click HERE.