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Board Reflection for May 2022

This is nominating season…when people ask of us “What role do you want to serve in our community?” I’m just finishing my first full year of being on the Board, and when people ask me about this experience, I am grateful for my past year … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Update 19)

This week’s report is the first time we have to use the dreaded phrase “supply chain issues”. Let us hope that it is the last time. Installation of electronics is proceeding in advance of the finish ceiling installation. Remember, the ceiling installation is a huge … read more.

Congregational Forum on 11/21/21

You are invited to attend a congregational forum on Sunday, Nov 21st at noon to hear about our current plans for funding Sanctuary completion.

Following up on the Oct 3rd congregational forum on Sanctuary Funding, the Board asked the “Home Team” to design a low pressure … read more.

Pastoral Care Associates Group Forming

Pastoral Care Associates

UUCCH is taking first steps to create a Pastoral Care Associate (PCA) Program. For this program, members of the congregation are trained as skilled listeners and resource guides for people experiencing life transitions such as death of a loved one; relocation; changes in … read more.

BoT President’s Blog: August 2021


From Your President – Diane Baker-Hallowell


It is my honor to be here with you all as the newly elected president of the Board of Trustees (BoT). After just over a month in this position, I have a newfound appreciation and respect for all those who … read more.