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Board Reflection for March 26,2023

Kate Sloan, UUCCH Board Member

Good morning, I am Kate Sloan, and I am a member of the Board of Trustees here at UUCCH and I am also the bearer of some great news!

Last month, the Board held a forum to explain the types of ministry … read more.

Board Recognition February, 2023 – Fellowship Groups

These groups could be considered a cornerstone and guidepost to our UU faith because they provide an opportunity for participants to build relationships. These relationships are built through the deep sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. By listening respectfully to the reflections and opinions of … read more.

Staff Blog: Natasha’s Notes, December 2022

When The Spirit Says Do

If you attended last week’s Fall All Music Sunday, you experienced the singing, movement, and dancing that happened as we sang -When The Spirit Says Do. Also shared was the context and acknowledgment of the musical heritage of this musical … read more.

Board Reflection for Sunday, October 23, 2022


Board Reflection for Sunday, October 23, 2022
Ed Fox, UUCH Board of Trustees (2022-2024)

Today, I want to follow up on last month’s the Board reflection, which was about the promises
that we make with people to be and remain in healthy and sustainable relationships. This
… read more.

Board Reflection for February 2022


In October 2001, I had the privilege and honor, in the official capacity as new Music Director and member of the staff, of choosing and leading the music for the dedication of the new UUCCH building and grounds. I can remember thinking of the opportunities … read more.