Board Reflection for Sunday, January 22, 2023

Paul Asman, UUCCH Board of Trustees

I am here today to remind everyone we are now starting the Board Listening Circles. It is everyone’s chance to give us feedback on what has been positive high points from the time we have had with Rev. Margaret and how to use the positive energy to our next minister.

My family came to UUCCH for a warm positive environment for then my young son and to be around people wanted to make a difference in the community. After being here more than a decade now, I want to keep giving my energy to keep making UUCCH that beacon in south Jersey. I can say I feel proud what my efforts, along with my other board members, have been able to accomplish. We have kept the community together through both a pandemic and major rebuild of our sanctuary. The Board has opened lines of communication and made it easier to attend a board meets by staying online. Most recently we have worked on building into policy roles and procedures how the church functions, to make it easier as the board changes from year to year and for committees and teams to know what and how to operate in our church.

I am here to ask everyone take a second to follow the links in the Newsgram and to sign up online with just a few clicks and bring you voice and energy to the chorus we are building. This input will help us move to the next step of sharing our congregations’ views in a forum and build a common vision to move forward.

It is also a great chance to share what you think of how we are using our great new space and ideas of how we can continue to bring the community back together in a safe and fun way as we did on many occasions before COVID. I look forward to hearing and reading all the great ideas that you want to share with the board from these small circles. This will help us create the focus to find the best fit of a new minister.

I encourage everyone to sign up for a Listening Circle so that we can learn more about each other and what our dreams are for the future of our beloved church.

Thank you for the chance to serve in the many roles I have held in the church and your time for today.

You can register for the last of the Listening Circles this weekend here.