Board Reflection for Sunday, Jan 8, 2023

Board Reflection for Sunday, Jan 8, 2023

Diane Baker-Hallowell, UUCCH Board of Trustees

The Board is offering a series of Listening circles in the next couple of weeks to give our members and friends an opportunity to share their thoughts about their experience of being a member of UUCCH. You can share why you attend church, either in person or on Zoom, and what your hopes and vision are for the future direction of our church. These facilitated Listening circles can help each of us to clarify and strengthen our commitment to our congregation after the uncertainties and challenges we have faced in the past few years, not only in our church community, but also in the wider world. We have proven to be a very resilient and supportive community during these challenging times, and I’m so grateful for being part of this church family.

The thing that keeps me coming back are the message, the music, and the friendships I have found here. Personally, I find hope and comfort in the positive message of how our UU principles can guide us to build a more just and fair society. Our message of love and service really resonates with me.

I would like to see us continue to pursue being a welcoming congregation and have our membership grow and represent the diversity in our area. I have been proud of our church for so many reasons, but especially when we have been a visible and effective presence in our community as we expressed our support publicly for oppressed, targeted and underserved people and protested attacks on our rights and freedom as American citizens. For me, that’s part of my commitment to being a UU.

As we reflect on the many accomplishments we have achieved during the past 3 ½ years of developmental ministry with Rev Margret, I encourage everyone to sign up for a Listening Circle so that we can learn more about each other and what our dreams are for the future of our beloved church.

Thank you!