Board Reflection for February 19, 2023

Jennie Stone, UUCCH Board Member

We are now past Groundhog day, Valentine’s day and Imbolc, that midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. We can see the days getting longer, and we can feel the greening of the limbs, even if the flowers aren’t actually all up yet.

I sense the stirrings in our church also…that feeling that we have been long in our time of introspection, and the time for action is nearly upon us. The listening circles showed this by the responses we got. The number one response to our question about what draws you here is our sense of community, caring, and the relationships we have with each other. But the number one response to our question about your hopes for the future was to reach outside our walls – to reach out to other communities. This gives me such hope and joy!

As President Biden says, “Let me be clear”: The Board is continuing its work toward a stable governance structure where the roles and accountability of the Board, minister and lay leaders are clear. The Congregational Relationship team is continuing its work toward a covenant where our expectations and boundaries in relationship are clear. As our congregation works to build trust through covenant,
the Board is working to build trust through governance.

Next Sunday the 26th the Board is planning a congregational forum about ministry. This is another chance for learning. We have many strengths in this congregation, and some opportunities for continued learning and growing. Please join us as the Board reflects with you about these strengths and opportunities, and shares with you information about our ministry options. We are excited to work with you to build toward a stable, dynamic and collaborative ministry that will serve our community for many years to come.

I am so proud to be a member of this congregation. Today is the 26th anniversary of the dedication of Unitarian House after its renovation. And we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the completion of the sanctuary renovation. What if the spring blooms in the arboretum become a metaphor for the next step of our journey as a church? I am reading a book by Richard Rohr with our Sanctuary group. What if, as he says, “in the end, we do not so much reclaim what we have lost, as discover a significantly new self in and through the process”? As we embrace our progress and plan for the future, let’s rejoice in our new selves!