Board Reflection for August 20, 2023

Bill Warner, UUCCH Board Member

I am a middle-aged light-skinned male-presenting person, my pronouns are he/him. I’m balding with brown hair and a grey/white beard, glasses, and temporarily removing the assistive listening device. I’m wearing a cranberry and white pin-striped dress shirt and over that, our exciting new UUCCH cranberry t-shirt!

I’ll try to be brief.

Why did I say yes when asked to run for the board?


Thank you.

OK, because why?

Because when I was first a member of this church in the 90s and early 00s, aside from task-oriented things, I was not involved in the life of the church.  When I came back in Jan 2020, I wanted to do it differently.   So, I came in with a Yes attitude.  

And because it was the beginning of Reverend Margret’s developmental ministry here, there were many purposeful efforts to create a culture of trust, community, and abundance.  I said Yes & joined the Building a Culture of Trust group.   

Now, with all due respect to Reverend Margret and those with her calling, my primary motivation for coming back was not Sunday services.  It was to get more involved in racial and social justice work.   I knew I’d find yes options here.  The folx in CREE (the Committee on Racial and Economic Equity) had many ways to get involved.  Two months in, I was quickly reminded UUCCH gives us a lot of opportunities to say Yes.

Fast forward from February 2020 to now (Trying to be brief here, yes? Yes!) why did I say yes when asked to be nominated to serve on the board?  Because.

Because this community mobilized to keep us connected during a time of physical isolation due to COVID.  And I know it’s not the same as in person, but it’s because many of us found connections through Zoom Social Hour & noontime connections meetings, Fellowship groups… All sorts of groups and committees pivoted online. 

Because undaunted, our Caring Committee continued to reach out to those in need of support.  Because COW (Community Outreach Work) continued to hold food and supplies drives and other actions to respond to those in need. 

Because every week, we had amazing choir and music video productions for our Sunday services.  That’s the power of groups working wonderfully together.  I say Yes! to that kind of community.  You are amazing.

Why did I say yes to board nomination?

Because after over 2 year’s work and many education and discussion forums, at our first online Annual meeting in July 2020, you overwhelmingly adopted the 8th principle as we continue building beloved community and accountably dismantling racism and other oppression in ourselves and our institutions.  I say Yes! to this vital work and “yes, thank YOU” again for your tremendous support.

Why did I say yes?

Because we had a renovation.   Kind of a big deal anytime.  But very seriously a big deal amid pandemic supply chain and other disruptions. Because this community is truly privileged to have the wherewithal to fund and complete a major renovation, despite these challenges.  I say Yes to the inspiring leadership of the Renovators.  And I say yes to all of you for Your generosity and vision.  Look at the wonderful worship space you’ve re-created.  

Why did I say yes?

Because I’ve seen first-hand how this church’s board is now structured to lead by policy.  It was with CREE that I had my first Board policy discussions.  Specifically, Susan Druckenbrod, Cheryl Dunican-Hein, Reverend Margret & I proposed a policy for public witness – in other words, who can make public comments as a representative of UUCCH on issues of social justice and other public issues and under what circumstances.  The Board approved the policy and almost immediately a situation arose showing us we needed further clarity and revision.  The Board supported us through that process.  I say Yes when an organization has a flexible and responsive board, 

Because … the list gets long really fast.  

Because in the last year, we created a Leadership Council that is helping our leventy-leven teams, committees, groups and work groups co-create together in new ways.   

Because we’ve continually seen the democratic process at work in public forums and discussions about our future.  

Because through those democratic processes, we adopted a new church-wide covenant in June.  

Because through those democratic processes, we voted for a contract-to-call minister and our Ministerial Search Teams work is already well underway.   


This community.  UUCCH.  You.  You all contribute so much to the church and to our local and global communities.  

I deeply honor and respect the trust you’ve given me to serve on our Board. 

When asked, what else could I say?  Yes.