Board of Trustees Recognition, March 2023- Covid Task Force

The Board of Trustees, and the entire community of UUCCH, owes a huge measure of gratitude to our hardworking and dedicated Covid Task Force. Since the beginning of this Covid pandemic, our community’s health, safety, welfare and future have rested upon important decisions about the ways we were to be together. During this unprecedented event, new technologies and practices were introduced, along with new ways of using our buildings and grounds, supporting the relationships at the heart of this church community.

The Covid Task Force was appointed to advise the Board of Trustees how best to protect the health of the congregation in our spaces, following the science, and applying guidance from the federal, state and local public health authorities.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, it is vital that our UUCCH community takes a deep look into the principles by which we live, with the expertise and dedication of our Covid Task Force. Once again, our thanks.