Board of Trustees Recognition June 2023- Lifespan Faith Engagement Team

Aligned with and in service to the mission of UUCCH (to Learn, Value and Serve), the Lifespan Faith Engagement Team decided to guide and support the congregation by creating a safe and enriching environment for the exploration of spiritual, ethical, and religious growth. It strives to facilitate the intellectual, physical, and relational development for all ages in the congregation, utilizing the UU Principles and Sources. 

Through the professional and thoughtful guidance of Director, Paula Gribble, the LFE Team was able to make shifts in philosophies of religious education toward a more whole-life Faith Development (and away from “Sunday School”).

LFE is defined as: 

Lifespan – programing for All ages.

Faith – taught through the lens of UUism.

Engagement – not just teaching in words, but engagement with Action. 

The BOT is very proud of the work LFE Team has undertaken to help fulfill our UUCCH mission. For more details, check the UUCCH website under Home- Engagement.