Over the past several years the board has recognized UUCCH committees and individuals. Our website also lists Affinity groups, which is defined as a community of interest. This then broadens the church scope to include not only our faith family, but the community at large.

Sanctuary is a group whose purpose is to be a nurturing and supportive space where participants can explore and share their beliefs in God, “spirit”, or the divine – however they choose to define it – as Unitarian Universalists. Over the years, Sanctuary has broadened its focus, while maintaining its commitment to providing a sacred space for reflection and dialog.

Humanist UUs, formerly known as Secular UUs, supports the fourth principle, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. The group provides a space for UUs who are atheist, agnostic, humanist, or non-theist to gather and explore their beliefs together. They study Humanism as an important source of UU values and appreciate UUCCH as a fully non-creedal church. As Humanists within the UU tradition, members rely on reason and compassion in their journey to become more fully human. They seek to cooperate with others to improve society and sustain the planet.

These two Affinity groups provide an opportunity for members and friends of the church to connect with the wider UU tradition in ways that meet their needs.