Board of Trustees Recognition, April 2023- Stewardship

The BOT has chosen to recognize Stewardship for the month of April because of the approach of a new year and the decisions our faith community is about to make. At the core of stewardship are two important words and concepts – Vital and Value. Stewardship is planned and conducted as a team effort, with many participants and Visiting Stewards. As discussions go forward, we all come to realize just how Vital and Valuable our roles are. Every year, during the stewardship campaign, we are each asked to look deep inside ourselves and evaluate how we can support UUCCH. The concepts embodied within each of our principles and the history of our UU Sources have always been strongly supported financially and spiritually. Funds raised in this year’s campaign will be the basis for planning and making commitments as we prepare for our next minister, summer 2024. Please read your Bouncing Back-Together Stewardship newsletter and remember just how Vital and Valuable your commitment is.