Board of Trustees December 2022 Recognition – Arts and Aesthetics Committee

A & A is a very diverse and fundamentally important committee for several reasons:

Aesthetics displays one’s set of principles or worldview as expressed through outward appearance, behavior, or actions. Anywhere from the use of a room or a space, to furniture chosen, iconography, banners, plaques, pamphlets or even down to the color of a sanctuary wall, we show how we live and share our values.

When the building of the new church began, in the late 1990s , multiple areas and functions for those places were planned. From a large Sanctuary, the Commons, Fellowship Hall, classrooms, to the newly designed Gallery, Aesthetics had to take on an expanded role of care and purpose. Previous leaders had the idea and vision of creating a gallery area where arts and artifacts, created by members of the UUCCH family (and invited community members), could be displayed and even sold to help the church and the artists financially. Thus, the Craft Fair and Gallery Shows were created.  So Arts was added to its name.

Over the years, A & A  has made and paid for many of the items and multiple projects used and enjoyed by the church membership. Among these are the Sanctuary chalice wall hanging, the Chalice ring, Commons furniture, stained glass plaques, tables and table coverings in the Commons. One of the big accomplishments was the installation of the new church sign on Kings Highway. It proudly points the way to our large and historic campus. And the accomplishments continue to grow.

The Flower Committee, which has become a spin-off of A & A, provides beautiful live arrangements each Sunday for the services. The committee also periodically runs craft lessons and welcomes new church members.

Upon entering our UUCCH home, the care, thoughtfulness and dedication of

A & A becomes very evident.

Over the last 20 plus years, A & A has demonstrated the creativity and liberal thinking that it takes to be a leader in the community and in Unitarian Universalism. Our thanks and sincere appreciation to the many who have shared their time, talent and labor as members of A & A in the past and today. Its work is a vital part of spreading UU and our UUCCH mission and vision.