Rev. Dr. Margret A. O’Neall


Rev. Dr. Margret A. O’Neall (she/her) serves UUCCH as our Developmental Minister with a five year contract from August 2019 through July 2024.  She is an Accredited Interim Minister serving UU churches in times of transition and development.   Margret holds academic degrees in Community Development and Sociology, and earned her Master of Divinity from Meadville-Lombard Theological School.  She entered intentional interim ministry following a 35-year career working in the public and private sectors, and her call to ministry follows her passion for the transformational process that individuals and organizations may engage with intention in times of change.

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Paula Gribble

Director of Lifespan Faith Engagement

Paula Gribble (she/her) serves UUCCH as the Director of Lifespan Faith Engagement. She holds portfolios in Lifespan Faith Development, Welcoming and Membership, and Leadership Development. She joined UUCCH staff in August 2016. Paula is also co-President of the Joseph Priestley Liberal Religious Educators Association (JPLREDA) Chapter, president of the area religious educators cluster, and as a UUA Renaissance Module Facilitator. Paula has worked as a UU religious professional for the past 20 years as Religious Educator, Membership Professional, and Music Director.  She is a transplant from the deep South, a former professional actress, and a singer. Paula currently lives in Medford, NJ with her family.

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Natasha Steinmacher

Director of Music Ministry

Natasha Steinmacher (she/her) is the Director of Music Ministry at UUCCH where she has served the music ministry for 20 years. She completed UUA Music Leadership Certification in 2020 and serves the wider UU denomination as Music Coordinator for the 2023 General Assembly and Program Director for Member Engagement for the Association of Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries (AUUMM). In addition to her work as a UU musician, she teaches piano, voice, and ukulele and is a preschool music teacher. Natasha finds great joy in bringing people together in beloved community through the power of music.

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Julie Rigano

Church Administrator

Julie Rigano (she&they) is a lifelong UU with years of church experience at multiple congregations, including the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady, First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. and currently as the religious educator at Unitarian Universalists of Mt. Airy. They also serve as the Communications Chair for the national Faith Development Week conference at Star Island, NH. Julie lives in Philadelphia with her wonderful roommates and three cats. She also makes a great marinara sauce, which isn’t really relevant, but they wanted to brag about it anyway. This bio also serves as a great example of how to use both of Julie’s pronouns to represent her fully. 

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