Month: May 2023

Local Juneteenth Events 2023

In our continual effort to be good allies, The Reparations Task Force of UU Cherry Hill urges members and friends to participate in one of the following events honoring Juneteenth on June 17th.

Cherry Hill – CHAACA (Cherry Hill African-American Civic Association) presents the Juneteenth Parade … read more.

Board Reflection for May 21, 2023

Karen Nowicki, UUCCH Board Member

What can I say that hasn’t already been said before in one of these reflections?

You may be tired of hearing board members up here talking about change and building a better future but the truth is that the church is doing … read more.

Connection Affirmation on Covenant – May 7, 2023

The covenant we are being asked to consider honors and elevates our mutuality. When I read it, I see a congregation that will continue to expand its relationships. A community promoting communication.  A church that will foster the skills needed to rise to any challenges. I see support for thoughtful growth. For change.

Paula’s Perspective – May 9, 2023

It is with mixed emotions I share this news. I hope you all know how much I have loved working for and serving this congregation for the past 7 years. But I have to tell you that my last day at UUCCH will be July 23.