Month: December 2021

Last Week in Renovation (Update 21)

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Renovation Progress”. Last week’s work moved along both inside and outside of the sanctuary. Inside, blocking in the ceiling to support the video projector was installed. Installation of “”hat track”” furring on the projection wall was completed in preparation for … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Update 20)


Renovation work continued both inside and outside the building this past week. Cherry Hill Township inspectors passed a partial inspection of the sprinkler system involving water at pressure. The chancel floor sheathing was cut for the location of the floor receptacle boxes. A floor receptacle … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Update 19)

This week’s report is the first time we have to use the dreaded phrase “supply chain issues”. Let us hope that it is the last time. Installation of electronics is proceeding in advance of the finish ceiling installation. Remember, the ceiling installation is a huge … read more.