Month: October 2021

Last Week in Renovation (Update 14)


The Renovation Task Force is pleased to report on construction progress made in the past week.

In the interior, installation of wiring above the sanctuary ceiling continues. One exciting addition this week was the installation of framing for the raised chancel floor. The shape of the chancel is … read more.

Summary of the Board of Trustees Meeting – 10/19/21

Summary of the Board of Trustees monthly meeting October 19, 2021

All Board members were present for the meeting, along with several members of the congregation.

The consent agenda was voted on and approved.

Project Coordinator Dan Nichols provided an update on the renovation process. Construction is progressing. The East Terrace demolition … read more.

Pastoral Care Associates Group Forming

Pastoral Care Associates

UUCCH is taking first steps to create a Pastoral Care Associate (PCA) Program. For this program, members of the congregation are trained as skilled listeners and resource guides for people experiencing life transitions such as death of a loved one; relocation; changes in … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Update 13)

Since the renovation last report, the reconstruction progress continues, but in ways that are not always visible. In the Sanctuary interior, utilities installation continues in the ceiling, and the only evidence of progress that is clearly visible is that the scaffolding moves around the Sanctuary from day … read more.