Crafts & Conversation Group (over Zoom!)

The Arts & Aesthetics Committee is sponsoring a new Zoom group called ‘Crafts and Conversation’. Join us on Zoom on Thursday, February 18th at 2pm for crafting and conversation. Bring any handcraft you are working on to show us and work while we chat. (There will not be live instruction, just a time to enjoy fellowship while we work on our projects.)

Don’t have a project? Come to chat and see what others are doing. Perhaps you will be inspired to take up a new craft or hobby!

The Zoom link will be in next week’s newsgram. For more info, contact

2 Responses to “Crafts & Conversation Group (over Zoom!)

  1. Have there been any signups or interest in this group? Can you tell if we have any web traffic about it?

  2. I like this idea and as soon as I finish this paper I’m working on, I would like to start painting for leisure. The date and time you suggest will be great, although I probably won’t be able to join as soon as 2/18, as I am not finished with the paper yet.

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