Month: February 2021

Coming Soon – Registration for General Assembly (GA) 2021!

Speaking of vaccinations, consider being a UUCCH delegate to the once again virtual UUA General Assembly June 23-27… for another kind of shot in the arm, an injection of excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm for our denomination. It’s a great way to ‘go to’ GA, especially if you’ve never been but always wanted to. The registration fee is … read more.

Staff Blogs: Administry, February 2021

Love is not a feeling.  

Love is an action.


In the spiritual development course I am taking, someone said ‘love is not a feeling, love is an action’. We are all familiar with the Bible quote from 1 Corinthians 13 ,‘love is patient, love is kind, it … read more.

Virtual International Dinner, 2/27 from 6-8pm

Our first ever virtual International Dinner will be held Saturday, February 27 from 6-8 pm. Join us on zoom as we gather to celebrate our ancestor cultures, tell origin stories, and welcome guests. AND don’t forget dinner! Make a dish from our shared e-cookbook, or … read more.

Immigration Support

Did you know that CREE has continued work to support immigration issues throughout these months of the pandemic and addressing special challenges. Donations are being welcomed for the UU Immigration Support Fund which is now helping support the living expenses of a family from the … read more.