Winter/Spring 2021 Lifespan Faith Engagement Catalog Released



A new Lifespan Faith Engagement Catalog is here! It’s full of so many wonderful things to stretch the heart, mind, AND the fun muscle. These new classes, events, and workshops include areas of support for your UU Identity, opportunities to grow your mind, and chances to engage the social justice side. 

Children’s Faith Engagement (CFE)

Our CFE classes start back up on January 10, Sundays at 1.

We’re looking to have a stuffy sleepover in February, and a virtual talent show in the Spring.

In addition, we will be developing other programming for the children and youth that will start in the Spring. Look to the catalog for more information!


Lifespan Faith Engagement (LFE)

We have a full and robust set of offerings for all ages in this new catalog! New for this edition: a table of contents. AND take a look at page 4, where you’ll find an at-a-glance calendar of classes.


We’re offering some of your favorites continuing, as well as some brand new options. Highlights include:

  • Continued: Words Class monthly version, Democracy Discussion, Noon Connections, TMI Meditation and more
  • New: Historical Heroes and Problematic People, Caste Book Discussion, and more
  • New versions for a new year: Labyrinth Classes, Toolkit for the Hard Times, Joys of Birding
  • Fun Times: Virtual International Dinner, and TBD Poetry Slam


Don’t miss upcoming classes for January:

Exploring UU Identity

What does it mean to be a Unitarian Universalist?  In this four session class we will explore the theology, history and organization of our UU religious tradition, along with our faith’s core commitments to lifelong learning and social justice.   Participants will be encouraged to discover and articulate their own Unitarian Universalist identity through the various “lenses” of our historic and open-ended way of faith. Register here: Zoom link will be provided to registrants the week before. Ages- Adult.

DATE……………………..…….. Mondays, Jan. 18 and 25, Feb. 1 and 8

TIME……………………..…….. 6:00 – 9:00 pm

FACILITATOR…………… Rev. Margret A. O’Neall


Historical Heroes and Problematic People

How do we honor those who have come before? Who are the people now working hard for UUism? How do we deal with those (like Thomas Jefferson or Dr. Suess) who are part of our history, but are potentially problematic? This 2-session class will explore influential people throughout our UU history, as well as some UU folks that are more challenging. Register here:  Zoom information will be shared with registrants the week before. Ages – 12 and up.

DATE……………………..…….. Saturdays – January 16 and 30

TIME……………………..…….. 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

FACILITATOR…………… Paula Gribble


Check out the catalog for all of these and more! You can get the catalog HERE.


Registrations and/or zoom links are listed with each class. All classes right now are virtual. Age distinctions for each class are also listed. Please note when a class is for children, adults, or multigenerational.

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