Month: November 2020

Breakout Rooms During Zoom Coffee Hour

Breakout Rooms Experiment – Starts Nov 22

On Sunday, November 22, we will begin experimenting with breakout rooms after service.

We will begin by spending 5 minutes all together.

Then everyone will be sorted randomly into groups of 10 to greet each other, talk, and socialize.

Newcomers will be … read more.

Commons Shared Space Survey

Arts & Aesthetics (A&A) has designed a survey to receive input from the congregation about how the Commons area might be designed, decorated and used.

The survey will be conducted from November 10 – December 10.

Last Week in Renovation (Week 5)

So much has happened at the construction site during the last two weeks.

There is a new roof!!

The weather cooperated, the materials arrived on time and the workmen started soon after the sun peeked over the horizon.