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This time of Advent, as the earth turns toward the nurturing darkness of the Winter Solstice, calls us into the warmth of beloved community. Our connections are strengthened as we attend to the qualities we most value in our relationships.

Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future

The theme for our annual giving campaign this year is Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future, acknowledge the strengths of this church as we create new patterns and traditions to build a future of connection, trust and abundance.  As we live into the values of community, trust, love and learning, there is so much we can do among our members and in the wider community.  With your financial support, we will continue to fairly compensate our staff, meet our financial obligations in the community, and to care for our buildings and our beautiful grounds.  Social justice and outreach remain central to our identity, and we are using technology in new ways to touch the lives of people who need this faith.

If you are in a solid financial position this year, please consider making a substantial increase in your annual pledge, since there are some among us who may have limited financial capacity in this time.

We encourage you to pledge and set up your payment online by clicking on “Give” at the top of the website, to make life simpler and more predictable for us all.  Guidance on this will be provided in the coming days. Read the full stewardship letter here.

We appreciate your generous support of UUCCH.

In gratitude, Your Board of Trustees and Pledge Campaign Leaders

Church Gathering Guidelines - 9/29/22

These are the current guidelines for health and safety.  We advise that people make wise choices for themselves and take responsibility for their own health and that of those around them.  The guidelines are as follows:

Please do not attend in person activities if you are symptomatic or have been recently exposed to Covid.
To attend Sunday services in person, we strongly recommend that you wear a mask, with both your mouth and nose covered. We will provide a mask if you did not bring one.

Singing and Presenting:
Congregants and the choir are asked to keep their mask securely in place while singing. 
Soloists and those speaking from the chancel area may remove their masks while singing or speaking.

Indoor Gatherings other than Sunday worship
For church business or social gatherings indoors, masks and social distance are strongly recommended and serving food and beverages is highly discouraged.

Food and beverages
Indoors: Foods and beverages will not be served during indoor all-church events.  For those bringing their own water or other beverage, or those gathering in small covenanted groups, masks are strongly recommended, and please replace your mask immediately after consuming food or beverage.

Outdoors: Food and drink may be served and consumed at outdoor events; we strongly recommend that social distance be observed while eating.

Please observe these occupancy guidelines/limits in church spaces:
·         Sanctuary -251 (the number of seats)
·         Fellowship Hall -160 (just chairs, or chairs at tables)
·         Horsch Room -20 (existing furniture)
·         Commons – 40 (with chairs in rows)
·         Hillside LL -48 (with chairs in rows)
·         Hillside 201 -18
·         Hillside 202 - 8
·         Hillside 203 - 10

November Split Plate - No More Secrets

This month’s plate collection will be split evenly between UUCCH and No More Secrets. All cash, and checks, and online/text giving, unless indicated for some other purpose (e.g. Stewardship) will be divided.

No More Secrets MBS Inc.'s mission is to eradicate period poverty and period stigma nationally through a menstrual and social justice framework. In 2021 alone NMS independently distributed over 6 million Menstrual products throughout the nation to end period poverty and educated over 250,000 individuals to decrease period stigma in vulnerable populations.

Monthly Recognition for Volunteer Service

For October 2022, the Board of Trustees recognizes the Tech CrUU

The board would like to thank and congratulate the Tech CrUU for its wonderful work in dealing with the extraordinary technological challenges over the last several years. Beginning with the pivot to all-virtual services from Fellowship Hall in March 2020, to the “dual platform” services from the lower level of Hillside, back into Fellowship Hall and finally to the new digital audio technology in the renovated Sanctuary, the CrUU has demonstrated their dedication to the value of the vision and mission of our faith community. Without comprehensive communication, UUCCH cannot deliver its message faithfully and effectively. Many challenges had to be met and overcome during the process, including delays in delivery and installation of equipment, minimal training, and numerous hardware and software glitches. But with hard work, persistence and teamwork, the Tech CrUU has met, and continues to meet, those changing demands to present quality technically-enabled services. The future use of our communication through its use of video projections, Zoom and other processes gives added value to UUCCH and to the community at large who may choose our church for presentation of its own programs.

THANK YOU to Shirley, Susan, Rich, Randy, Tom, Larry, and Bill.

Labyrinth Walks are Back! Join us!

UUCCH Labyrinth Committee is hosting a series of labyrinth walks.

Guided Labyrinth Walks will be held Fridays at 7pm: July 8, Aug 12, Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 4

Enjoy the peaceful, calming beauty of our labyrinth, share in loving community, create a mindful spiritual moment.

Don't know how to walk a labyrinth? No worries!
We are here to guide you on the path. In case of rain we walk with umbrellas or inside on our canvas labyrinth, If it will be near/after sunset, please bring a flashlight for safety.

Meet in Fellowship Hall to get into a meditative mindset.

Join us on the path!