Following up on the first Social Justice and Womyn In ReligionWomen’s Issues Service we are excited to announce that going forward we will be focusing on a few key issues that affect women in the U.S. and around the world – with the main emphasis being Violence Against Women. We are committed to helping our sisters in the US and worldwide remove themselves from violent situations and gain access to healthcare, education and economic empowerment.

UUCCH Women’s Initiatives

- the first most important issue is Violence Against Women, a serious issue in the US and worldwide. In the US we will be partnering with NJCASA and working with the Executive Director and their board to fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. Our most recent initiative is getting VAWA passed. Please visit their website to understand how you can support the Violence Against Women Act.
- Violence against women takes many forms of an endless list - from domestic violence, sex trafficking, mass rape as a result of war, bride burnings, acid attacks, killings for trying to get access to education and healthcare; genital mutilation etc.
- Worldwide we are already supporting groups such as MADRE, KIVA, Women for Women International an FINCA to ensure that their initiatives to help women and children are funded through donations and volunteerism.
- Also on the worldwide front, Social Justice has set up a churchwide group to support the KIVA microfinance organization through which we provide donations to women entrepreneurs in all parts of the world. Please see our KIVA section to see how you can be part of this.

Worldwide Issues

Another development is the situation in Afghanistan where human and women’s rights are being sacrificed to facilitate the transfer of government. We ask you all to stay aware of this situation and contact your legislators and the White House to make sure your views are known. Our sisters in other parts of the world need to have the same freedoms that we have.

The White House Office for Women and Girls

We are also members of the White House Office for Women and Girls. Thanks to President Obama, First Lady Michele Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the issues affecting women and girls in this country and abroad are being made an integral part of policy decisions. Let’s keep the pressure on to ensure this happens.

We will keep you aware of women’s issues in the US and globally and hope you can support these initiatives with your votes and economic buying power.

Please help us support women’s issues in the US and around the world.
Contact me to be part of the Social Justice Women’s Committee: or 856-778-9900