Ways to Help in Our Community During the Pandemic - Updated 4/14/2020

Hopeworks is Still Offering Tutoring

Help Keep Hopeworks youth working for their community during this time by donating at


 Cherry Hill Food Pantry is Actively Feeding Families in this Time of Crisis

 Please, go to www.cherryhillfoodpantry.org to donate.
Thank you so much for your support.

South Jersey Mutual Aid Network

South Jersey Mutual Aid Network is a newly created network of volunteers that has formed to deliver food to those in need because of the coronavirus crisis. This network is helping people who lack transportation, whose work shifts prevent them from going to a food bank and people who are sick and therefore high risk who do not feel safe going out for food.  Click HERE for details on what they need the most.  Please contact sjmutualaid@gmail.com


Cathedral Kitchen

Financial donations, no matter how  big or small, are the greatest need right now. Because we purchase in bulk, we can stretch the dollar and order what is needed most. Please go to our website to donate online HERE .

We do appreciate in-kind donations, especially sandwiches: non-pork meat and cheese is the priority. Peanut butter and jelly is second. Once it gets warmer out, we will not take the meat and cheese anymore, just the PB&J.

If you are dropping off sandwiches, please contact Alex Wills at  alex@cathedralkitchen.org  beforehand to make arrangements.  All donations should be dropped off on the loading dock in the back of 1514 Federal Street, every day between 9 AM and 2 PM. If the front gate on Federal St. is closed, go to the back gate from Carmen Street.

**Please do not enter the building**.  Read more HERE.


Encourage and Support our Educator Friends (for Kids!) 

(From the principal of Forest Hill Elementary in Camden and shared by Moms Demand Action) 

Everyone can use a little encouragement... I would love for the community to post themselves holding signs encouraging our scholars, teachers, and families

To send a message of encouragement to your local schools and/or teachers and/or parents and guardians as they embrace a whole new way of learning, please do the following: 

1. Make a sign

2. Take a pic of sign with you/your pet/stuffed animal!

3. Send to your teachers and principals!


Food Bank of South Jersey

In Collingswood, the educational advocacy group that Kate Delany works with the Food Bank of SJ to provide meals assistance to Collingswood area neighbors in need (our sending districts include Oaklyn and Woodlynne). The link for those who need food is here. The sign up for anyone interested in helping give out meals is here.

New Beginnings (in need of computer donations)

Keith Benson is working to get computers to students in need in Camden. He is working to close the tech gap so that kids can continue with their studies as classes are now fully online. I've attached the flyer for anyone in your congregation who might have an old tablet or computer sitting around that a student in Camden could use to do schoolwork.  Here are the details.