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Sunday, May 28, 2017, 10:15 am

Remember the Ladies - Honoring the fierce, fighting women from the Revolution to today.

Kate Sloan and the Worship Committee

On June 19, 1778, a British raiding party approached the Kendall Coles house, looking to resupply the troops. As they approached, the daughter of the house, Elizabeth, grabbed a bridle and leaped onto the back of her favorite colt. Riding bareback with two British dragoons chasing her, she rode into local legend. And where is the Kendall Coles house? Why, it’s our own Unitarian House! Elizabeth Coles was just one of the many feisty women who have left their impression on this patch of land.

This Memorial Day, join Kate Sloan and the Worship Committee as we remember Elizabeth and the many others who have sacrificed much for our nation and our world.

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