Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the Stewardship campaign?

The campaign begins on Sunday, March 4th and ends on Sunday, March 18th. Please complete your pledge on time, March 18th. 

How do I pledge?

Electronic pledging and giving is preferred. Electronic pledging makes it easier on volunteers and is a greener option. Electronic giving provides us with a predictable flow of income.

  1. Go to the church web site, and navigate to Pledge Online under Stewardship.
  2. Enter the required information. Please choose the “electronic giving” option.
  3. Click on “Submit” to have your pledge recorded.
  4. If you selected electronic payment you need to click on the link to the Vanco web page. Follow the directions on the page. Remember the Vanco entry requires a monthly or weekly amount, not the annual pledge amount.  Our form does the calculation and provides you with the correct amount to enter into Vanco.

If you need help pledging online, someone will be available in the Horsch Room on March 4th, 11th, and 18th to help you enter your pledge information.

If you absolutely do not want to pledge on-line, please pick up a paper pledge form and instructions on the front table in commons area or send Mandy at a request for a paper copy.

What is the financial goal for this year's campaign?

We are asking everyone to consider increasing their current pledge by 15%. 

I am new and haven't started a pledge yet. Do you have a guideline for me?

Yes, we publish a “fair share” amount that is based on your income on the pledge webpage. We encourage you to review the “fair share” guideline when determining your pledge. Of course, pledge what you can comfortably give regardless of “fair share” or any other guidelines.

How do I share suggestions or comments about the Stewardship campaign and the budget?

Use the comment box on the pledge form or send your comment directly to:

Where can I view a copy of the church budget?

You may view the current year’s budget at our website. We plan our budget for our next fiscal year in the April/May time frame and we present it to the congregation for a vote in June at the annual meeting.  

Why are we asking for a 15% increase this year?

We are asking you to help “Rekindle the Flame”. The more resources we have, the more lives we can impact through our UU values. Take a minute to think about how important this church is to you and how much you can give.

In our current climate, our UU values are needed more than ever.