A Message about Stewardship 

Thank you for your generosity and support of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill.

We know how important the church is to you. Here are a few comments from our members about what UUCCH means to them:

“This is my tribe and the village where I am raising my son.”

“All my spiritual food for the week is here.”

“This is where I find community and purpose.”

“UUCCH is an island of love, compassion and sanity in a country that appears to have gone mad.”

“I am grateful that I am part of a community where my worth and talents are recognized and encouraged.”

“Really appreciate the way we support each other and the community with events like Concert Across America to end Gun Violence and the post-election service on November 9th.”

“I value the wonderful, caring people, our principles, the integrity of the church and its members, and all the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.”

“I strongly believe that the message of peace, love, and hope can make a difference in facing the challenges that our country and world are experiencing.”

In addition to the support we give our own community, we make an impact on the larger community. We were the only church in Cherry Hill to announce “Black Lives Matter” on our property and invite the whole community to a “Conversations about Race” program. We have held Gun Violence Prevention Rallies and Concerts, and formed interdenominational advocacy groups for social justice. The work that we do is important.

Underpinning all our efforts is the material support of the church. It's up to us to carry on the 60-year tradition and work of this church. Our time to do this is right now!

We are fortunate to have congregants of your faith, courage and commitment.


Your Board of Trustees

Stewardship Sunday: Sunday, March 24th 

Please select the electronic giving option, it makes it easier for you and for the Church volunteers.

Link to Pledge Online

If you need help with this ask your canvassers. We will also have people to help with the on line pledge on Sundays after the service in the Horsch room.

Stewardship FAQs