The bulk of UUCCH’s Social Responsibility work is done by Issue Groups. These volunteer groups of church members and friends their skills in provide education, witness/testimony, legislative support, physical labor, financial support and community organization for specific issues, as part of UUCCH’s covenant to social responsibility. Issue groups fall into four major categories:  


Awareness Issue Groups work to change individual hearts, minds and opinions. Some of UUCCH’s main Social Responsibility Awareness Issue Groups are:


Allies for Racial Equity: Promotion and support for initiatives to dismantle racism and oppression to better live our UU principles of inherent worth and dignity of every person, with justice, equity and compassion in human relationships through learning, reflection and action. Contact: Rosemary White.


Eco-Justice Experiences: During the Eco-Justice series (which runs for 3-4 sessions), participants learn about the intersection of factors that impact the lives of people living in impoverished communities. These factors include such issues as: food scarcity, trauma, pollution, and shortages of housing and jobs. The series includes an experiential component of visiting Camden City and interacting with some of the individuals who serve this community. Contact: Judy Woods.


Transylvania Partner Church: UUCCH supports our fellow Unitarian church in Székelyderzs, in Romania’s Transylvania section, where Unitarianism began, by increasing awareness of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Contact: Sue Camlin.



Advocacy Issue Groups work to change public policy. Some of UUCCH’s main Social Responsibility Advocacy Issue Groups are:


Gun Violence Prevention: The Gun Violence efforts at UUCCH are designed to increase community awareness of the impact of gun violence and to foster participation by individuals in the support of legislation that will reduce gun violence. In these endeavors, UUCCH partners with other organizations, such as the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ and the Coalition for Peace Action. Contact: Jeanine Clayton-Coyne.


Environmental Justice: Also known as the Green Team, this group looks at critical environmental issues and injustices in our community and beyond. It also manages UUCCH's Green Sanctuary program. Contact: Ed Fox.


UU Legislative Ministry of NJ: This group coordinates grassroots advocacy from all 21 UU churches in NJ and works to establish public policy at the State Legislature that is consistent with our principles and purposes. Work centers on Economic Justice, Environment, Affordable Housing, and Racial Equality. Contact: Rohn Hein or learn more at the UULMNJ website.   



Service Issue Groups work to change individual lives with hands-on, physical labor. UUCCH’s main Social Responsibility Service Issue Group is:


Community Outreach Work (COW): COW engages UUCCH members and friends in service to our local communities with meaningful volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Contact: COW Committee



Donation Issue Groups financially support social change. Some of UUCCH’s main Social Responsibility Donation Issue Groups are:


Cherry Hill Food and Outreach Council: This church-based food pantry serves individuals, families and seniors in the Cherry Hill community facing hunger and other social concerns. Non-perishable items are collected at UUCCH on the fourth Sundays of the month.  Contact: Sue Camlin.


International Dinner: This is an annual pot luck fundraiser for social responsibility activities and programs, where tables are decorated by a national or topical theme. Contact: Sue Camlin.


UUCCH Kiva Lending Team: Kiva Microfunds is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income / underserved entrepreneurs and students in over 70 countries. Contact: Bill Abrams.


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