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The Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill (UUCCH) Social Responsibility Facebook Page is a private page developed with the exclusive goal of distributing social responsibility announcements to individuals associated with UUCCH who have an interest in receiving information on social justice issues and events such as films, rallies, workshops, projects, legislation, etc. The Social Responsibility Events Calendar has the same information in a calendar format.



Social Responsibility Events Calendar

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Recent Events

Take a look at some of our recent social responsibility events.

Flyer Cherry Hill and Police final Sept 20 (2).pdf






Posting New Events

We encourage facilitators, chairs, and co-chairs of social responsibility committees and groups at UUCCH to forward notices of events, activities, invitations, legislative information, and articles to the page administrators for postings.


The Steering Committee also invites UUCCH members and friends who are, as individuals, engaged in social responsibility activities in the community to forward notices to be posted.


Please provide the following information about upcoming events in a timely manner:

1.      Name

2.      Sponsor(s)

3.      Place and Time

4.      Contact Information


The current administrators of this page are:

·         Karl Pietrzak

·         Cheryl Dunican-Hein