Other Sites with Information about our Religion

For more information on Unitarian Universalism, visit some of the following sites--

UU World Magazine - Liberal Religion and Life is the weekly web magazine.

UU Service Committee - A nonsectarian organization that promotes human rights and social justice worldwide.

UU Wiki - UU Wiki is dedicated to helping Unitarian Universalists share ideas and work together using a "wiki". Please add your own expertise by editing these articles and contributing your own.

UU Encyclopedia - Interested parties can post UU materials or articles here. An objective is to provide a wide variety of viewpoints.

DiscoverUU - Searching for Truth and Meaning. New site for finding UU blogs.

International Council of UUs - Network of Unitarian, Universalist and UU organizations. Designed to serve those new to the denomination(s), those new to the international aspects of our faith, and member groups and delegates.

Wikipedia - Contains many articles related to UU and UU interests. Search, for example,
- Unitarian Universalism
- Christian Universalism"Congregationalist polity
- Homosexuality and Unitarian Universalism
- Liberal Christianity
- Unitarian Christian
- List of Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists