To be human is to be religious. To be religious is to make connections. To lead a meaningful life among the many competing forces of the twenty-first century, each of us needs support in making meaningful re-connections to the best in our global heritage, the best in others, and the best in ourselves" 
- Rev. John Buehrens

Becoming a Member


Making connections is the essence of a religious experience, whether that is a deeper connection with yourself, your spirituality, or your community. Becoming a member is foremost about belonging to our congregation, our community. It is a way to recognize the connection that has been developed by visitors through the various activities of the church that they've participated in. Thus, the religious experience is a lifelong journey, and members have made the commitment to enter into that journey together.

After you’ve been worshiping with us for a while and feel that our spiritual community is right for you, you can initiate the process of becoming a member. This consists of the following steps:

  • Discuss your interest in membership with a member of the Board of Trustees and fill out the membership form. A Board member is at the Guest Table in Fellowship Hall each Sunday after the Worship Service.
  • Meet with the minister to discuss UU philosophy and understand the obligations and responsibilities of membership. One of the ministers will contact you to make an appointment after receiving the membership form you filled out. During the meeting with the minister, you will have the opportunity sign our membership book.

What does it mean to become a member of UUCCH?

Signing your name in the membership book indicates your commitment to participate in the life of the church and to make an annual financial contribution to the church.

Those who signed the membership book more than 60 days ago and who have made an identifiable financial contribution to the church with the past year will have the opportunity to participate in congregational votes. Votes are taken on important aspects of our community’s life, such as calling a minister, adopting our yearly budget, and approving a variety of initiatives such as becoming a welcoming congregation, installing solar panels, and installing a labyrinth.

Getting Involved: There are several ways to investigate opportunities to participate in the life of the church, including through the NewsGram, the website, your mentor, and the calendar in the weekly Order of Service. Opportunities include participation in our many Social Justice activities such as Community Outreach Work (COW), adult programs and groups, and our children’s religious education program, to name a few. We also encourage you to join a committee of the church.

New UU classes are offered a few times a year to help you to get to know more about our community, Unitarian Universalism, and opportunities for involvement in our church. You can attend these either before or after you become a member. They are held either after the Worship Service on Sundays or on a weeknight evening. Look for announcements about the New UU classes in the Newsgram or at the Guest Table in the Commons on Sunday morning.

New Member Recognition Ceremony: This ceremony is held a few times a year during the Sunday Worship Service. New members are welcomed and recognized by the congregation. We also put a short biography and picture of our new members in the weekly Newsgram to make our members aware of those who are new to the congregation. There will be reception following the Worship Service to give you an opportunity to meet other new members and leaders of the church.

Mentor Program: New members are offered the opportunity to be paired with someone who has been a member for a few years. This person helps you to find activities within the church that are of interest to you, answers your questions, and generally helps you to feel welcome here.

New Member Profile: Your picture and a brief biography will be distributed to members via the NewsGram.