The Leadership Development Nominating Committee (LDNC)

Elected by the congregation, the mission of the LDNC is to identify current and future church leaders and to enhance their ability to meet the present and future leadership needs of the congregation.

Our committee has three areas of focus:

1. Leadership Development – We prepare members of our church to be more effective leaders. We do this by:

a. Developing and presenting Leadership Development Workshops
b. Helping our members choose which church committee(s) that they would like to
serve on.

Past leadership development workshops have included:

- “Sunday Island”
- Paradigms: A New Way to See
- Sensory Based Communication
- Telling Powerful Stories
- Appreciative Inquiry

2. Nominating Committee - We place our current members who have leadership skills into elected leadership positions. We do this by:

a. Nominating candidates for our “elected” leadership positions at church. There are
two leadership groups in our church where the congregation must vote the person
into office. The two groups are:
     i. Board of Trustees
     ii. LDNC

b. We count votes and determine whether quorums are present at congregational meetings.

c. When needed, we also constitute the Ministerial Search Committee and bring the slate to the congregation for approval.

3. Denominational Affairs -- LDNC members create relationships with other congregations in the "Greater Philadelphia Cluster" (14 congregations in the NJ/PA area), the Central Eastern Regional Group, and national Unitarian Universalist Association. This helps us contribute to, and learn from, the efforts of fellow UUs both locally and nationally.

Click on the link for more information on the Philadelphia Cluster:

Click on the link for more information about the Central Eastern Regional Group:

LDNC Members for the 2017-18 Church Year:

- Paul Asman
- Gary Clayton
- Jocelyn Ellis
- Connor Kelly
- Alice Oppenheimer
- Janet Riggs, Chair
- Claudia Smarkola
- Larry Solow
- Rosemary White
- Judy Woods

Contact any member of the LDNC for information about upcoming learning and development opportunities.