UUCCH Building and Labyrinth, photo by Bob Stewart 

Building a Pathway to
Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Wholeness

A labyrinth is a place to open your heart and quiet your mind, a place of reflective meditation. It is a pilgrimage where you can discover your true self and your relationship to whatever you hold sacred. 

A labyrinth can be a path for those who feel lost to feel found. It is a space for renewal of the mind and the spirit. A labyrinth fosters an experience of peace and stillness. It is a place of healing the body and the mind. Walking a labyrinth allows you to set aside the cares of the world to focus completely on self.

UUCCH Labyrinth, photo by Bob Stewart

A labyrinth promotes a simple, directed, open air, meditative exercise. It moves one inward to the center and then, rejuvenated, moves one back outward into the world.

2012 UUCCH Labyrinth Illumination by Ed Fox, photo by Bill Abrams 

Because you see the path ahead in a labyrinth, you cannot get lost or trapped in it as you would in a maze. This allows you to focus on a contemplative journey as you walk.

Our labyrinth is open to individuals and groups daily from sunrise to sunset. Your journey can take 10 – 20 minutes or it may last as long as you need. The shared, respectful use of the labyrinth includes individuals or groups engaged in a meditative, reflective and respectful journey. 

The 11th Easter Egg lives here...

Guided Labyrinth Walk, September 10, 2016, photo by Jenn Snively

Upcoming Group Labyrinth Walks

There are several guided Labyrinth Walks for fall 2017:

  • Thursday, September 14, 2017, 7:00 pm
  • Monday, September 18, 2017, 11:00 am
  • Thursday, October 12, 2017, 7:00 pm
  • Thursday, November 9, 2017, 7:00 pm

We will meet inside in the Fellowship Hall.

Personal Thoughts From Congregational Members

  • “Walking a labyrinth is an outdoor worship experience that one cannot get inside a church.”

  • “Walking the labyrinth leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed.”

  • “...an opportunity to deepen our spiritual practice and further our sense of community...”

  • “The UUCCH Labyrinth was placed on a sacred spot, the site of our former church. Walking our labyrinth is a connection to the past as well as a path to the future.”

UUCCH Labyrinth Dedication, May 22, 2016, Photo by Scott Hughes

How to Hold Your Special Event on the UUCCH Labyrinth 

Our facilities can accommodate a wide variety of functions. Please see here for renting our space.


As you enter the UUCCH grounds, you will pass solar panels on the right. You can park in either of the front parking lots and walk around the building to the right, or you can drive along a one-way driveway to the right of the main building. You will see the labyrinth on your left. There is limited parking opposite the labyrinth (behind the building). To return to Kings Highway, continue on the one-way driveway.