Teams and Groups

cooperationThe work of the Church is accomplished through Teams, Committees, Task Forces, and special work groups.  The activities of the Church are sliced into six clusters, listed on the left side of this page,  which we call teams.  Each team is led by a Team Leader, whose job is to:

  • Leverage resources (people, time, and money)
  • Think long term 
  • Build "bench strength"
  • Identify new areas of interest within the team's area of responsibility
  • Coordinate with other teams
  • Serve as a liaison to the Board of Trustees

Teams are comprised of committees, each led by a Committee Chair.  Committee Chairs provide a critical management function, assuring that the work of the committee is done in an effective and efficient way.

Task Forces and work groups are convened for special projects.  They do their work and dissolve.

 UUCCH strives to provide a vibrant, welcoming community for its members and friends. While providing a spiritual community, we enjoy each others company in a variety of other situations as well. In addition to the ongoing activities listed under the 'Groups' tab, we host different events throughout the year to provide additional opportunities to learn, play, and celebrate together.

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