Getting Involved
 The activities of the Church are grouped into five clusters we call 'Teams,' plus some additional activities that report directly to our Board of Trustees. Each team has multiple committees that provide an opportunity for members and friends to get involved!
 Do something you love to do in service to the Church, or get involved in an area where you would like to learn something new. There are many ways to contribute, both large and small. There is no obligation, so get involved in something and if it doesn't suit you, try something else!
 The five clusters of Church life include:
 Social Justice

COW (Community Outreach Work), Environmental Task Force, Green Sanctuary, Transylvanian Connection, IHOC, Camden, Food Banks, Interweave, Book Mates, UU Legislative Ministry, Regional Equity Coalition,
 Church Community

Lay Caring, Womyn and Religiion, Secular UUs, Sanctuary, Buddhist Sanga of South Jersey, UU Pagans, Membership, Newsletter
 Sunday Celebrations

Worship, Music, Sound, Hospitality

Communications, Building Use, Property, Finance, Stewardship, Fund Raising, Art & Aesthetics, Archives
 Lifespan Religious Education

Children’s Religious Education Committee (CREC), Junior Youth Steering Committee (JYSC), Youth/Adult Committee
 In addition, we also have the following committees that report directly to the Board of Trustees: Committee on Ministries, Long Range Planning, Endowment, Employee Relations, The Nominating Committee
 We also sponsor many Activities throughout the year, such as the: Annual Auction, International Dinner, Election Day Party, Community Outreach Weekends (COW), Holiday Blood Drive