Committee on Ministry

Although its formal name uses Ministry, in UUCCH we often think about this group as the "Committee on Ministries" because of our belief that the practice of ministering comes from diverse sources.  Of course the major "minister-er" is our Senior Minister, but we all minister to each other.  Also there is the rest of the staff, lay leaders and specific groups (such as our Lay Caring Committee) who minister in specialized ways.

The task of the Committee on Ministries (COM), is to aid all of these entities and coordinate all these activities so they add up to provide effective ministering to each person in our congregation.  Members of our COM are appointed by the Board of Trustees directly to which the COM reports.

An important ingredient leading to the successful operation of the COM is the input received from congregants.  These are avidly sought - both the "darts" and the kudos - and may be either formally or informally presented.

Our congregation remains healthy and effective when we all do our part to carry on ministry.  The mission of the COM is to help us do just that.

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