The Bylaws of UUCCH

Bylaws are important in laying the groundwork for any organization. Although written in legal language to satisfy governmental requirements, bylaws also tell the story of a congregation. They encapsulate the vision, hopes, and dreams of the congregation and are also a last resort in cases of disagreement on legal matters. They help the congregation govern day-to-day functions such as committees and board structure, as well as deal with infrequent situations such as the calling of a minister and the purchasing of real estate. For all members, bylaws provide a roadmap for getting involved in key decision making, which is particularly important to groups historically under represented in Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) congregations.[]

The Bylaws Committee consisting of Rohn Hein, Mike Feldman, and Holly Willet held four meetings this spring to review the bylaws. The bylaws have not seen a major revision since 1980, and the church and its membership have changed dramatically. The committee looked at updating and simplifying the document.

The major changes fall into five categories:
1. Change the size of the Board of Trustees,
2. Change the name of the Nominating Committee to the Leadership Development and Nominating Committee.
3. Emphasize the Role of the Board of Trustees to establish and protect the vision of the church.
4. Reduce usage of the bylaws to establish membership requirements.
5. General simplification.

Read the full report from the Bylaws Committee.

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Changes to the by-laws impact the Executive Limitations document. Read the Executive Limitations document with proposed revisions.