Buddhist Sangha of South Jersey

Members of the Buddhist Sangha of South Jersey are independent practitioners with the mission of introducing and supporting Buddhist practice in Southern New Jersey. The Sangha is non-sectarian and combine what is considered to be the best elements of the major schools of Buddhism.

The Sangha's practice centers on meditation and lovingkindness. The Sangha provides basic instructions on how to meditate and direct the mind towards goodwill for all living beings. Because it does not have a teacher, it networks with other groups in the area and helps members connect with visiting teachers for mindfulness retreats.

It's not necessary to give up your present religion in order to attend the Sangha.  Members respect and support other religions and believe that there is no conflict between Buddhist principles and other religious beliefs. 

The Buddhist Sangha meets every Sunday at 7:00 PM at UUCCH in the lower level of the Hillside building.  The liturgy consists of two 20-minute periods of seated meditation and several recitations on lovingkindness and the Buddha's teaching.  On the 1st Sunday of the month an open discussion is substituted for the second sitting.  Every 3rd Sunday a tape of a Buddhist teacher takes the place of the last sitting.  The Sangha sponsors days of mindfulness several times a year and these usually feature a visiting teacher.  This Sangha, in cooperation with the Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County has a web site BUDDHIST SANGHA with more details on our practice.

This Sangha is affiliated with a sister Sangha which gathers every Monday at 7:00 PM at the Yardley Friends Meeting House, 65 North Main Street, Yardley, PA.

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