Board of Trustees 2017-2018

President » Lisa Winkler

1st Vice President » Ed Fox

2nd Vice President » Connie Roggio

Mary Cregan, Judy Issacs, Karl Pietrzak, Keith Spirgel

The Board of Trustees manages several standing committees directly.  They include:

  • Committee on Ministry
  • Strategic Planning
  • Endowment

Members of the Board of Trustees and the  Leadership Development & Nominating Committee (LNDC) are elected by the congregation. 

Leadership Development Nominating Committee (LDNC) 2017-2018

 Janet Riggs, Chair

Members: Jocelyn Ellis, Alice Oppenheimer, Connor Kelly, Gary Clayton, Judy Woods, Claudia Smarkola, Larry Solow, Rosemary White, Paul Asman